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Osaka Evessa’s Lynn Washington Gets the Bounce and Scores a Drug Bust Victory

The Japan Times has reported that Osaka Evessa’s Lynn Washington has been released from custody and fully exonerated after being arrested and accused of drug smuggling. I’m glad that Washington beat the full court press, the California native has been a great American ambassador for the Basketball Japan League. As previously reported on Black Tokyo: “A very sad turn to… Keep Reading

Osaka Baller Doesn’t Score with Drug Bust

A very sad turn to what could have been a great story on a foreigner making good in Japan. The Japan Times reported, California native and “Osaka Evessa power forward Lynn Washington, the most famous player in bj-league history, was arrested at 10:20 a.m on Tuesday for alleged involvement in the importation of between 1… Keep Reading


How do Japanese get a taste for marijuana?

  Cannabis has been an integral part of Japanese culture since the beginnings of its history. Cannabis is a sacred herb to the religion of Shinto, and was also used and praised by ancient Zen poets and Buddhist monks.  Japanese merchants dealt in coins which had square holes in the centre, and were carried on… Keep Reading

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