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Just for Fun: Japanese Politics – The Truth Hurts!

“I despise each and every one of you!” Not really but that is what one candidate professes. I figure with all of the seriousness (or lack of) in politics, here is a guy that never claimed to be a witch, is not a tea party member (although he probably likes tea) and will most-likely never… Keep Reading


Mainichi Shimbun answers questions on Obama's race

When I first read Yoshinori Nakai’s (Deputy Chief Editorial Writer, Mainichi Shimbun) article answering the question: “Is U.S. President-elect Barack Obama really black?” I thought: “Okay, this is really a dumb-ass question!” but then it dawned on me that some in America had/have/may have issues with Obama and his race: “Is he Black enough?”  “He’s not Black,… Keep Reading


Commentary: What Barack Obama means to me

When President-elect Barack Obama and his family move into the White House, it will signify moving into every household in America. Obama will not become some Black dude that moved in down the street located in a predominately White neighborhood and he and his family will not become the new Cosby Show. The Obamas will… Keep Reading


Wassup 2008

[display_podcast] Thanks to the Black Tokyo Forum Moderator, Zen, from Zensekai for sending the video. Keep Reading


Americans abroad can still vote

There’s less than a week to go until the U.S. presidential election, but Americans living in Japan can still cast their votes! Check out Trans-Pacific Radio for more details on absentee ballots. Keep Reading

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