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Arizona Turns Japanese

Well, not exactly but this story may hit home for some of the expatriates in Japan. Arizona’s new immigration law adds some punch to law enforcement and the State’s quest to crackdown on illegal immigration: The law requires police to question people about their immigration status — including asking for identification — if they suspect… Keep Reading


No insurance, no visa?

Thinking about skipping out on health insurance, either kokumin kenko hoken (national health insurance) or kokumin nenkin (national pension)? Think again! With the new change in the visa requirements, you could be in some major trouble. Check out Jenny Uechi’s Japan Times article on the topic below: In your wallet or somewhere at home, do… Keep Reading


Japanese Visa Rule Update

This in from the Mutang Frog Travelogue regarding Japanese visas and change in residency status: Roy Berman writes:  “According to the Ministry of Justice website, starting April 1, 2010, anyone extending their Japanese visa or changing their residency status will be required to show a valid health insurance card/booklet. The relevant portions are below. 平成22(2010)年4月1日以降申請時に窓口において保険証の提示を求めることとしています。 … Keep Reading


What's in your wallet?: The Zairyuu Kaado with IC chip

Debito Arudou’s article, “IC you: bugging the alien” brings up the debate on privacy, immigration, Big Brother, the use and/or abuse of technology, and well, possibly for some, unfounded fears. Debito states “new gaijin id cards could allow police to remotely track foreigners.” I sort of sat on the fence on the new “gaijin (gaikokujin),”… Keep Reading


Changes to the Gaijin Card?

Check out the latest on the “Gaijin Card” from Metropolis. I remember refusing to provide my fingerprint for my identification card when I first moved to Osaka. Lot’s of drama back then. It was almost as bad when I went to register my Japanese name. All foreigners in Japan know him. The 62-year-old isn’t particularly… Keep Reading

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