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Here is my new “flava of the month” video by Okamura Yasuyuki so rightly named, “Boo Shaka Loop.” One of Yasayuki’s influences, Sly and the Family Stone. You can follow Yasuyuki on Twitter  @yasuyuki_info   Keep Reading

Rhyming Gaijin – YouTube Next Up Entry

  Hey BT’ers! For those not familiar with Japan, or for those that need to reminisce, check out Rhyming Gaijin’s interactive Shibuya tour. I look forward to seeing how this develops. I may have to bite and use this for one of my projects, LOL! BTW, I first introduced Rhyming Gaijin in late 2010. The young… Keep Reading

An image of a van outside a warehouse in Japan. Possibly looters?

Rumors of Looting in Sendai

Well after the numerous articles on how there was no looting in Japan, and my refusal to comment 0n those articles, I guess that human nature will eventually run its course. It’s a shame the looting has started near the quake site, I understand them taking the cup a noodles but the staff said they… Keep Reading


Black Scholars Who Make a Specialty of Asian Studies Revisited

[Originally posted in June 2008. Revisited for Black History Month] I received the following question from a new BT reader this afternoon. He asked: “Why do you find Japan so fascinating?” My quick reply to the question: “I find Japanese history and culture fascinating, the Japanese interesting (from a sociological point-of-view) and life in Japan,… Keep Reading


Shorts on Life in Tokyo

Wow! More outstanding short videos on life in Japan posted by Alexandre Gervais. I love his choice of the short “Sakura in Tokyo”  and I am completely in love with the Kaitenzushi short. Check out the video below and be sure to visit Alexandre’s website for more pictures and videos on life in Japan here. Arigato… Keep Reading


Learn about soul music in Japanese

Money, money, money! It seems like that what’s on the mind of many recently. Recession, depression, aggression, concessions… Wow! Well here is something to take you to another place, music! The “Jam JAM Jam” blog by GELATIN SNACK is a great way to listen to some good music and learn Japanese at the same time. The… Keep Reading

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