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Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Policy Repealed

Secretary Panetta’s Statement on Certification of Readiness to Implement Repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell   [Here is the latest on the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy regarding homosexuals serving in the US armed forces. Source of information:  US Department of Defense News Release Number 644-11 dated 22 JUL 11. Note: “Don’t ask, don’t tell”… Keep Reading

Grits and Sushi: Nuchi du Takara

Hi BT’ers! Here is a very interesting documentary by my friend Mitzi Uehara Carter titled, Nuchi du Takara (Life is a Treasure), about two women that survived the Battle of Okinawa (Operation Iceberg). Mitzi writes: Well, it’s finally done and uploaded.  The 15 minute documentary on two survivors of the Battle of Okinawa in Northern… Keep Reading

Photo of a PlayStation 3 game consul.

Sony’s costly mistake

Sony will provide network account holders with information on obtaining free identity theft protection. Furthermore, Sony will offer free content in an attempt to keep many dissatisfied customers from jumping ship. profile data, purchase history and security answers were compromised as well, which in the wrong hands can obviously be used for further fraudulent activity because many people use the same passwords and challenge questions for all of their accounts. Keep Reading

Healthcare in Japan

With all of the talk –and complaints– about the Obama Administration’s Healthcare Plan, information on Japan’s healthcare system may prove interesting. Is President Obama’s proposal similiar to the Japanese health plan? You may wonder, “How does it work in Japan?” “Does Japan employ a single-payer healthcare system?” Or, “Does Japan have a multi-payer system where the citizens… Keep Reading

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