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Looking for a Japanese Interpreter / Translator

Hey BT’ers! A friend is looking for a Japanese interpreter / translator. If you or know someone interested in helping out and earning some money in the process, check out the request below: We are in need of a friendly person, available to act as a translator and assistant for our team, during the Tokyo… Keep Reading

Maps of Foreign Lands

One of my favorite Tweeters, Durf (a translator and editor in Tokyo) over at Japan Echo, posted this on his blog: “The 外邦図デジタルアーカイブ (digital archive of gaihōzu, “maps of foreign lands”) on the Tōhoku University library website looks like a great resource for students of wartime history, cartography buffs, or people interested in Asian geography… Keep Reading


Commentary: What Barack Obama means to me

When President-elect Barack Obama and his family move into the White House, it will signify moving into every household in America. Obama will not become some Black dude that moved in down the street located in a predominately White neighborhood and he and his family will not become the new Cosby Show. The Obamas will… Keep Reading


PM Aso to reporter, "Cut the B.S.!"

Reporters can be a real pain in the ketsu (oshiri) when they ask questions that have much to do about zip. Ampontan reports that PM Aso firmly handled one reporter recently. Is this the beginning of “change” in the world of Japanese politics? Will PM Aso kick ass and take names or will he fall… Keep Reading


Free Legal Services for Everyone

The map above is to Fuchu Prison in Tokyo. I posted this after reading an article in the Japan Times today. With the rash of trouble happening more often than not in the land of Gaijin-san, it could not have come at a better time. Here is the article:  On April 1, 2006, Nihon Shiho… Keep Reading


Learn Japanese! Kansai Dialect

I had the pleasure to meet Ikue Shingu (Lecturer in Japanese, Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Junko Hatanaka (Lecturer in Japanese, The University of Texas at Austin) at the American Council of Teacher’s of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) a few months ago. We discussed their website for learning the Kansai dialect of Japanese. As a linguist,… Keep Reading

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