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Obama’s obamu

In my previous posts on President Obama and the popularity of learning English via “the Obama way,”So…Sharon writes: “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!” “Just do it!” “Play with heart.” Quotes and tag lines that promote optimism have become part of political vernacular. “Yes we can!”, the tag line for President Obama’s campaign was… Keep Reading


Marriage Hunting – Japanese Slang and Society

From Japan Newbie: “That says “konkatsu”. This word isn’t in your dictionary, but if you’ve been studying Kanji for quite some time and know a bit about Japanese society you can probably guess what it means. By the way, “konkatsu” was nominated for the 2008 流行語大賞, if you’re into that sort of thing. I’ll explain… Keep Reading


Loco in Yokohama: things i love / hate about japan

Here an interesting post from Loco on “things i love / hate about japan” His latest is: alone again, naturally! Summer has announced its approach by blessing us with a day warm enough to be spent on the beach. I spent mine however teaching my kids how to say what they were going to do… Keep Reading

Japan Times Blogroll: Black Tokyo

Black Tokyo by RICARDO BILTON:  Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Eric L. Robinson found himself docking in Okinawa in 1981. For the past two decades, Robinson, a Marine Corps veteran, has traveled back and forth between between Japan and the United States, gaining experiences and insights from each culture that he now shares with the readers of… Keep Reading


Keeping Pace in Japan: From Shima to Shima, Part I

I enjoyed Turner’s posts reflecting on his two-year of Life in Japan. I am sure that you will too!  When I first set out to write this all-inclusive thriller of yet another expat’s experience in the land of the rising sun, I put forth far too much effort in an attempt to make the article… Keep Reading


Berlitz sues striking instructors

Background: Soichiro Fukutake, owner of Berlitz’s parent company Benesse Corp. is on the Forbes list of the world’s billionaires.  In 2009 Fukutake is ranked 17th (up 6 from 2008) in Japan with a net worth of $1.4 billion. Benesse Corp. net sales totaled ¥384 billion in fiscal 2007 (which ended March 31, 2008), an 8.4 percent… Keep Reading

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