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Black Tokyo Podcast 1: A Job Interview in Japan

I interviewed Bradford Bell about his job interview in Japan. Brad shares his experiences with using the Japanese language and some of the things he faced while in Japan. Part 1 of 2. Recorded via iChat. Better quality and audio soon! Click here for A Job Interview in Japan, Part 2. Keep Reading

The Big Mac Attack!

I have been sitting back watching this one but it seems like McDonald’s Japan is being served by some in the expatriate community over its new “mascot” Mr. James, the first of the Nippon All Stars reppin’ four new burgers for Micky D’s Japan. This new all-star is killing the image of hard-working foreigners with his… Keep Reading


Girl! I'm proud of you!

Here is the latest from Dear Life: WTH Let’s get it together ladies! She responds to email received from viewer that watched her You Tube video “What a Japanese guy thinks of Black girls.” She says of the “Dear Life: WTH Let’s get it together ladies!” video, “This is not a rant, but something that I… Keep Reading

Japan Times Blogroll: Black Tokyo

Black Tokyo by RICARDO BILTON:  Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Eric L. Robinson found himself docking in Okinawa in 1981. For the past two decades, Robinson, a Marine Corps veteran, has traveled back and forth between between Japan and the United States, gaining experiences and insights from each culture that he now shares with the readers of… Keep Reading


Black Expat: Chuck Johnson – Kickin’ Butt in Japan

Black Expat Magazine has a great feature on fellow Detroiter, Chuck Johnson, martial artist and rising movie star. It would be great to meet Chuck and converse in Korean. I bet that would be interesting!   Movie Having lived in Asia, I know first hand how stereotypes Westerners bring with them (including myself) often obtained through the… Keep Reading


Half, bi or double? One family's trouble

Here is an interesting article written by Kristy Kosaka for the Zeit Gist that deals with an issue commonly discussed here on Black Tokyo, acknowledging and embracing multiculturalism in Japan. Please feel free to comment on the article. It may not matter for inanimate objects, incapable of altering their own sweet smell, but for humans… Keep Reading

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