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42 – The Jackie Robinson Story – Japan Roadshow

Via Jackie Penn: Some of you may remember my non-journalistic review of the movie 42 (Jackie Robinson Dodgers jersey number). The movie opened this weekend in JAPAN. I ask your support and request that you see the movie. Please ask your friends and family to do the same. A personal, and professional, friend of Darryl… Keep Reading

Former Lotte, Hanshin and MLB Pitcher Hideki Irabu Commits Suicide

Here is the latest on the former Chiba Lotte Marines and Hanshin Tigers pitcher Hideki Irabu suicide: [Via Hardball Takl] Former Yankees pitcher Hideki Irabu was found dead at his California home yesterday.  The initial reports came from the Japanese paper, Asahi Shimbum, and his death has since been confirmed by the New York Yankees. Suicide… Keep Reading

Manga no Shimbun

Asiajin has discovered a new website, Manga no Shimbun (Manga Newspaper) by KaBa Net, which offers news in Japanese comic style. He reports that Manga no Shimbun covers four categories, Politics/Economy, International,Society and Entertainment/Sports. Asiajin also reports that IT lovers can get their fix via Nihon IT Manga Shimbun (Japan IT Manga Newspaper). Click here to read more! Keep Reading


Keeping Pace in Japan: From Shima to Shima, Part I

I enjoyed Turner’s posts reflecting on his two-year of Life in Japan. I am sure that you will too!  When I first set out to write this all-inclusive thriller of yet another expat’s experience in the land of the rising sun, I put forth far too much effort in an attempt to make the article… Keep Reading


Negro Leaguers in Japan

  I wanted to outline a couple of connections between the Negro Leagues and Japanese baseball that aren’t (I think) all that well-known. First: for decades, the standard story about the rise of professional baseball in Japan has credited a 1934 tour of Japan by major league all stars, including Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig,… Keep Reading

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