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Tony Alexander Brings a Taste of Summer

Tony Alexander over in Yokohama presents something to keep you cool in Japan’s summer heat. He writes: “The taste of summer is always delicious to the senses.   It’s that time of year where its muggy and you need a drink to help you mellow out under the shade with the fellas.   A good… Keep Reading

Food and Drink during the Japanese New Year

Hey BT’ers! A look at some traditional Japanese food and drink (and what it symbolizes) during the New Year. Feel free to leave comments or questions on the Black Tokyo TV YouTube channel.  I look forward to providing you with additional videos on Japan. Keep Reading


Modern kaiseki the Maru way

  The simple truth has become a global cliche: It is hard to get a bad meal in Tokyo. Whether you’re eating humble noodles or a rarefiedkaiseki banquet, it’s likely to be more than just satisfactory — there’s a good chance it will be prepared with flavor and flair. Proof’s in the pot: At Maru in… Keep Reading


It's time for wine, rocky with sake and boo for shochu

Ahhhhhhhh!! So much for getting my drink on! Across the paddies and orchards of rural Japan, the autumn harvest festival season is usually a riotously boozy affair. It is a moment to rejoice in nature’s bounty and to honour the local deity by drinking – occasionally immodestly – in its honour. Favourite draughts include distilled shochu,… Keep Reading


Get yo' healthy drink on: Vegetable Chu-Hi Cocktails

The Big Red Dot reports that Japan-based companies Asahi (the brewer) and Kagome (the fruit and veg juicer) have teamed up to present us with a new and unique product: a range of fruit and vegetable sake cocktails. No longer will you have to choose between getting drunk cheaply or drinking a healthy vegetable juice… Keep Reading

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