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Security Message about Demonstration in Japan

  [Via the U.S. Embassy Tokyo] The Embassy has been advised that there will be a demonstration starting in the Shibuya area and arriving at the U.S. Embassy at approximately4:00PM on Friday, September 21.  The Government of Japan has designated the Japan Tobacco (JT) building as the designated location near the U.S. Embassy for these… Keep Reading

Photo of a PlayStation 3 game consul.

Sony’s costly mistake

Sony will provide network account holders with information on obtaining free identity theft protection. Furthermore, Sony will offer free content in an attempt to keep many dissatisfied customers from jumping ship. profile data, purchase history and security answers were compromised as well, which in the wrong hands can obviously be used for further fraudulent activity because many people use the same passwords and challenge questions for all of their accounts. Keep Reading

Keeping you safe in the US & Japan

[Submitted by Hajimaru]There is potentially a new security device that may not only make it safer to travel, but expedite the process at the same time. The Japan Times Online has run a story that Tokyo Narita airport may soon start a pilot program with a scanner developed at Tohoku University that is believed capable… Keep Reading

Japan’s About Face

I previously posted on Japan’s rise militarily in Asia: “Many of the BT’ers are well aware of  my post regarding Japan’s “defensive” military capabilities and the need for Japan to step up and do more than open their fat checkbook when it comes to defense contributions. Some may also remember my posts on Japan’s steady… Keep Reading

Who is US Ambassador to Japan John Roos?

The Nikkei Shimbun asked: “How good is the next ambassador to Japan, John Roos?” Check out the translation of their interviews with ex-Vice President Walter Mondale and Stanford University Professor Emeritus Daniel Okimoto below. The U.S. government has nominated lawyer John Roos, 54, as the next ambassador to Japan, and his appointment will soon be… Keep Reading


What's in your wallet?: The Zairyuu Kaado with IC chip

Debito Arudou’s article, “IC you: bugging the alien” brings up the debate on privacy, immigration, Big Brother, the use and/or abuse of technology, and well, possibly for some, unfounded fears. Debito states “new gaijin id cards could allow police to remotely track foreigners.” I sort of sat on the fence on the new “gaijin (gaikokujin),”… Keep Reading

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