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Europeans back Obama, Asians like McCain

Could Europe be categorized as a U.S. Democratic Party “blue state” and Asia, a Republican Party “red state”? American presidential elections provide a near perfect test to understand the difference between European and Asian worldviews, even if the two continents are far from united internally. If you want America to lead by the power of… Keep Reading


Sumo in Japan: Does smoking a joint beat murder?

Former makuuchi division Russian wrestler, 20-year-old Toshinori Wakanoho (whose real name is Soslan Gagloev), under arrest for possessing marijuana, has told police that he first turned to drugs in his early teens, and that after he entered the sumo world he smoked dope every time he went home to Russia. According to a statement Wakanoho… Keep Reading


Free Legal Telephone Counseling for Foreigners/Refugees

Hello! I received this from Debito: “I just received information about a hotline which will be open from 1 to 5pm on Sunday June 1st providing free legal advice to foreigners living in Japan. This is to test the demand for such a service in relation to research by the Japan Law Foundation being made by lawyers, NGOs and… Keep Reading

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