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Beyond the Bricks: The Happy Bell Curve

Via the website Beyond tThe Bricks Project, “The Happy Bell Curve – How Current Research on Race and Achievement is Duping Black Progressives and Liberal Americans into Accepting Black Inferiority,” Dr. Ivory A. Toldson writes: “Last week I wrote a response to Trip Gabriel’s New York Times editorial, “Proficiency of Black Students Is Found to… Keep Reading

Blackness in Flux in Japan

I had the pleasure of co-presenting at the University of California – Berkeley’s Center for Race & Gender with Grits and Sushi blogger and Ph.D candidate, Ms. Mitzi Uehara Carter, and scholar and Water Children blogger, Mr. Fredrick D. Kakinami Cloyd, M.A. The presentation, “DEPLOYMENT, BASES, AND THE US MILITARY IN MOVEMENT: 


Black Scholars Who Make a Specialty of Asian Studies Revisited

[Originally posted in June 2008. Revisited for Black History Month] I received the following question from a new BT reader this afternoon. He asked: “Why do you find Japan so fascinating?” My quick reply to the question: “I find Japanese history and culture fascinating, the Japanese interesting (from a sociological point-of-view) and life in Japan,… Keep Reading


Fukushima Diaries

Okay, I know it’s not Tokyo but none-the-less this blog is a very interesting read on life in rural Japan. The Jamaican New Yorker, Irie Otoko, takes a very nice approach on reporting his experiences by using a various pictures and keeping his stories short and to the point.  Irie Otoko:  “It was interesting to hear… Keep Reading


Living With In-Laws Linked to Heart Risks in Japanese Women

The NYT reports: In Japan, living with the in-laws can be detrimental to Japanese women. Arigato to Steve S. for the link! Japanese women are generally not at high risk for heart attacks — unless they live with in-laws, according to a new study. Married Japanese women who live with both their husbands and a… Keep Reading


Mainichi Shimbun answers questions on Obama's race

When I first read Yoshinori Nakai’s (Deputy Chief Editorial Writer, Mainichi Shimbun) article answering the question: “Is U.S. President-elect Barack Obama really black?” I thought: “Okay, this is really a dumb-ass question!” but then it dawned on me that some in America had/have/may have issues with Obama and his race: “Is he Black enough?”  “He’s not Black,… Keep Reading

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