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Tokyo Cheapo’s Tokyo Interactive Rent Finder Map

This will come in handy for those looking for somewhere to call home in Tokyo! “Created by Tokyo Cheapo friend and coder extraordinaire Fabian Dubois, this is an interactive map showing the average monthly rental price of all the districts in central Tokyo. Hover your mouse over a neighbourhood and adjust the room size slider… Keep Reading

Renting in Japan

Many unfamiliar with Japan may believe that the nation is full of things cute and cool. Although there are many things that I personally love about Japan, especially after almost 18-years residing and working in the country during my span of 33-years in various parts of Asia, there are a few things that bother me.… Keep Reading


On the Joys of Renting in Tokyo

The Green-eyed Geisha has a very interesting post on renting in Tokyo. After reading her spil I must say that I have felt her pain. Renting in Tokyo (and other parts of Japan) “is” a dirtly little secret. Please read her article below and let us know your thoughts and experience with renting in Tokyo. “More so… Keep Reading


Cheap digs for those grinding in Tokyo

I am happy to see the Part-Timer, Arbeiter, Freeter and Foreign Worker (PAFF) union step-up and do something for those new to the workforce. The Mainichi reports: “For young temporary workers, just paying the rent can be a real burden. However, help is on the way with new and cheap apartments in Tokyo’s Yotsuya area.… Keep Reading


Tune in Tokyo: Apartment Hunting

A very informative post on the “art” of securing a place to call home in Japan from Tune-in-Tokyo. If you are thinking about making the move to Tokyo, check out the latest on finding an apartment, a guarantor and a doctor, if you are not use to paying high fees and deposits! Finding an apartment… Keep Reading


Tokyo Property Purchase

Here is an old (but informative) article from Danny Choo on the pros and cons of renting/purchasing a home in Tokyo. I know the economy sucks right now but for those that can afford it, it may be a great time to acquire property in Japan! “I wrote an article on buying a house in… Keep Reading

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