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Black Scholars Who Make a Specialty of Asian Studies Revisited

[Originally posted in June 2008. Revisited for Black History Month] I received the following question from a new BT reader this afternoon. He asked: “Why do you find Japan so fascinating?” My quick reply to the question: “I find Japanese history and culture fascinating, the Japanese interesting (from a sociological point-of-view) and life in Japan,… Keep Reading


Japan expects Clinton to help resolve abduction issue

Japan expects Clinton’s Japan visit on Feb. 16 to help resolve abduction issue. Now if only the issue of married/divorce Japanese women kidnapping their biracial / dual nationality children is discussed!  A Japan-U.S. negotiator commented:  “The Obama administration is fully aware that removing North Korea from the terror list has not helped resolve the issue; on… Keep Reading


Dr. Joseph Nye to be Ambassador to Japan

President-elect Obama’s pick for Ambassador to Japan is  a wise move. Joseph Nye  will be well-suited to improve relations with Japan and its neighbors. I meet Dr. Nye during a Q&A session on Japan-U.S. Relations and have read some of his works. He is a proponent of soft power which is an area of international relations which… Keep Reading


Living With In-Laws Linked to Heart Risks in Japanese Women

The NYT reports: In Japan, living with the in-laws can be detrimental to Japanese women. Arigato to Steve S. for the link! Japanese women are generally not at high risk for heart attacks — unless they live with in-laws, according to a new study. Married Japanese women who live with both their husbands and a… Keep Reading


It's time for America to go and for Japan to rearm!

I am afraid that Japan might head in a direction that will tie its hands tighter because of its masochistic view of history that is gripping Japan today. I am concerned that unless someone stops it, Japan might fall in the near future. Zurui: Tamogami holds no punches in his interview. His view of white nations… Keep Reading

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