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The Blackface Wedding

Hyogo Prefecture stretches across Japan’s main island of Honshu, from the Inland Sea to the Sea of Japan. Containing the suburbs of Osaka, the country’s second largest city, and those of Kobe, a busy seaport of 1.5 million residents, Hyogo is neither the inaka (the deep countryside), nor the cosmopolitan central wards of Tokyo. So,… Keep Reading

Loco in Yokohama: Sh*t Apologist Say…

Another interesting and “calling-it-like-it-is” post from Baye McNeil a.k.a. Loco in Yokohama on “Shit Apologist Say About The Empty/Gaijin Seat + Some Intentionally Silly Stuff.” Are Loco and the YouTube presenters on point? http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=dnf16MhZcvs#! Summation: “Embrace the Gaijin Seat, Don’t get offended.” Loco’s commentary on the Inaka Blues YouTube video: “I bet this guy would… Keep Reading

Japan & African Americans from the Russo-Japanese War to Pearl Harbor

I had the pleasure of viewing Mr. Ben Karp’s presentation at the Institute of Contemporary Asian Studies, Temple University in Japan on the Golden Era of Black and Japanese relations. He discusses W.E. Du Bois’ travels to Japan and provides insights to a period considered a peak of Black – Japanese relations. Additionally, Mr. Karp had… Keep Reading

Satoshi Kanazawa: The Japanese Rush Limbaugh

Dr. Satoshi Kanazawa (the guy that blogged: “The power of female choice: “Why fat chicks get laid more.”) is at it again with his latest discriminatory piece of pseudo-science entitled “Why Are Black Women Rated Less Physically Attractive Than Other Women, But Black Men Are Rated Better Looking Than Other Men?” I have provide the… Keep Reading

StarrWulf: Thoughts on Japan and the World 1 Week Later

Hey BT’ers! An insightful and honest observation on being in Japan during the earthquake and tsunami from Jason a.k.a. @starrwulf on Twitter. He says: “Ever since the Great Kanto-Tohoku Disaster took place, I have had some things I wanted to say–to explain where I was, what I felt, and how I feel now… It’s taken… Keep Reading

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