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Major Blow to USMC Move from Okinawa?

I am very curious to see the moves Prime Minister Hatoyama will take if he follows throw on nixing the  deal to relocate MCAS Futenma. Now that the new Nago, Okinawa mayor and anti-U.S. base candidate Susumu Inamine and those that elected him are against hosting a new USMC air  base in their city. Maybe “some”… Keep Reading


Leaving the President behind

The agenda for the summit will include discussion on: Japan-U.S. relations. Japan-U.S. cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region. Japan-U.S. cooperation on global issues. The article excerpt below is via Aya Igarashi and Hideki Kawasaki for the Yomiuri Shimbun. I wonder how the summit meeting will turn out? “U.S. President Barack Obama will make his first visit… Keep Reading


Aso Candidacy Again Boosts Anime/Manga Stock Prices

Most of you all know that Fukuda resigned as Prime Minister (PM) of Japan. In response to why I didn’t blog about his resignation, the short answer is: “I’m waiting for the rest of the story!” In the meantime, I am following the buzz about Taro Aso. The following article was forwarded by Tenrou Kibagami.… Keep Reading

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