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New challenge for Japan

Japan Poem Lover, an English news editor for over 20 years who covers developments on Japan’s political and economic scenes, has a new challenge for Japan when he asks: “Who is truly qualified to serve the public, bureaucrats or citizens? A friend of mine was close to the woman Japan Poem Lover writes about. This woman… Keep Reading

Gwynne Dyer: Japan’s August election is a revolution

Hey BT’ers! I received this email today from a longtime reader. He asks:  ” What do you think about the following article?” He continues by saying: “For me, the part that really stuck out was mentioning the use of yakuza enforcers by the LDP.  Years ago, I read a book called Japan the Blighted Blossom which was written… Keep Reading

Our Man in Abiko: Japan Election: The Morning After

Our Man in Abiko brings an easy to digest, and corrected, report on Japan’s election below. Before you get to Our Man in Abiko, here is an interesting tidbit on Yukio Hatoyama and the DPJ: ” “Hatoyama, who holds a Ph.D. in engineering from Stanford University near Palo Alto, California, pledges to end the government’s reliance… Keep Reading

How to prepare for the collapse of North Korea

Here is an interview with former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Defense Joseph Nye (whom I and many thought would become the US Ambassador to Japan). Dr. Nye says that the United States must confer with China in preparation for collapse of North Korea. Read the rest of the Yomiuri interview below: “Harvard University Professor and… Keep Reading

Who is US Ambassador to Japan John Roos?

The Nikkei Shimbun asked: “How good is the next ambassador to Japan, John Roos?” Check out the translation of their interviews with ex-Vice President Walter Mondale and Stanford University Professor Emeritus Daniel Okimoto below. The U.S. government has nominated lawyer John Roos, 54, as the next ambassador to Japan, and his appointment will soon be… Keep Reading

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