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Manga and Anime

Are you a manga or anime lover? Maybe your curious to know why manga and anime are popular. Well, here is an interesting podcast by “An External Thought in the Mind of Godzilla” a.k.a. Patrick Macias that gives some insight into the world of manga and anime otaku. [An External Thought in the Mind of… Keep Reading

Black Tokyo Monogatari: Teaching English in Japan

Thank you all for the emails on the podcast, “An Interview in Japan” with Brad Bell. Many of the emails inquire about teaching English in Japan and “my” perspective on the job, profession, path to other employment, life after a gig at an eikaiwa (English school) or as a instructor hired under the JET program.… Keep Reading

Trans-Pacific Radio

Need more to your daily podcast fix? Then check out TPR for the latest on Japan.  Here is a blurb taken from the website:  “Trans-Pacific Radio (太平洋横断放送) is an attempt at something akin to a podcast radio station. Based in Tokyo, Japan and anchored by Seijigiri (政治斬り), a regular review and analysis of Japanese and… Keep Reading

Japan Times Blogroll: Black Tokyo

Black Tokyo by RICARDO BILTON:  Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Eric L. Robinson found himself docking in Okinawa in 1981. For the past two decades, Robinson, a Marine Corps veteran, has traveled back and forth between between Japan and the United States, gaining experiences and insights from each culture that he now shares with the readers of… Keep Reading


The Black Tokyo Report 1

   Wow! I have received many emails regarding my posts on E-Mobile’s commercial (CM) that parodies Senator Barack Obama’s campaign for Change. Many wrote to inform me that the CM is only a parody of a Japanese television drama. I try to keep an open mind but E-Mobile does not get a pass on this… Keep Reading


Difficulties of Japanese

Here is another interesting video to share. Check out kemushichan and her information (and funny) podcast on the difficulties of Japanese. [display_podcast] Be sure to send her feedback on her podcast series! Keep Reading

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