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Ping Mag Make

Introducing Ping Mag Make. Here is a blurb from their website: ingMag MAKE is the sister site to PingMag. We use an interview format to put the spotlight on a wide range of people active in rural areas. We document the voices of these unknown heroes and broadcast them to the world. It’s the Japan-based magazine… Keep Reading


New Pix from Hairfish

I seems that Hairfish experienced her first quake in Japan: So, I’m in bed dreaming and all of a sudden, I’m feel my futon moving, as if someone were pushing it across the wood floor. In my half awake-half asleep haze, I look up to see the curtains swaying a bit, along with the girls’… Keep Reading


Hairfish Shoots Roppongi

I’ve mentioned Don Quixote a few times here, as well as Roppongi, but here’s a little bit of background information: Roppongi, besides having a reputation as the Devil’s Playground (I don’t think it’s that bad but it is pretty weird, especially for Japan) literally translates as ’six trees’; or six (roku) book (hon) tree (ki) , if you know your… Keep Reading


African beauties, Japan's beauty

  Kumi Matsumaru / Daily Yomiuri Staff Writer Photographer Mariko Itagaki says she has a great affinity for Africa, and African women in particular. She says they seem to embody the energy of life. “Yet, I also find a sense of warmth or repose in them, similar to something we have had in Japan since… Keep Reading

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