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Obama may review US, Japan pact

Japanese government officials believe that the Alliance Transformation and Realignment Agreement (ATARA) between the U.S. government and Japan should be revisited and reviewed, which would cause a delay in the relocation of 8,000 U.S. Marines to Guam. And apparently, President-elect Barack Obama’s diplomatic staff agree. Democratic Party of Japan vice president Seiji Maehara said recently that… Keep Reading


The U.S.-Japanese Alliance in a New Era

Michael Auslin’s new report (with Christopher Griffin) is up at the AEI website: The U.S.-Japanese Alliance in a New Era. For nearly five decades, the U.S.-Japanese alliance has underwritten peace and security in the Asia Pacific. The alliance has allowed for the forward basing of tens of thousands of American troops and cooperation between the two… Keep Reading


Barack Obama and the US/Japan Alliance

  Here is a follow-up to an earlier post, Seijigiri #50, by Trans Pacific Radio’s Seijiri – Politics. Now that Barack Obama is the President-elect of the United States, Seijigiri co-hosts Garrett DeOrio and Ken Worsley are back with a look at how the Obama presidency might work within the context of the US/Japan alliance.… Keep Reading


Japan's Renaissance

Journalist Yoshiko Sakurai (Shukan Shincho) wrote the article below. The comments and links that I posted will provide you with additional information. Additionally, the highlights and items in bold or red are my, (Zurui’s), emphasis:  In the evening of Oct. 19, four Chinese military ships transited the Tsugaru Strait from the Japan Sea to the… Keep Reading


Japan Rising in the Asia-Pacific?

[display_podcast] Many of the BT’ers are well aware of my post regarding Japan’s “defensive” military capabilities and the need for Japan to step up and do more than open the fat checkbook when it comes to defense contributions. Some may also remember my posts on Japan’s steady rise in the Asian-Pacific region and Japan cautiously testing… Keep Reading

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