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Grits and Sushi: Nappy Routes & Tangled Tales

In keeping with the theme, Blackness in Flux in Okinawa, Mitzi Uehara Carter brings us “Spaces of Blackness in Okinawa, – Nappy Routes & Tangled Tales” You may recall that I previously had the privilege to discuss things Japan from an Afro-perspective with Ms. Carter: I had the pleasure of co-presenting at the University of California –… Keep Reading

Japan & African Americans from the Russo-Japanese War to Pearl Harbor

I had the pleasure of viewing Mr. Ben Karp’s presentation at the Institute of Contemporary Asian Studies, Temple University in Japan on the Golden Era of Black and Japanese relations. He discusses W.E. Du Bois’ travels to Japan and provides insights to a period considered a peak of Black – Japanese relations. Additionally, Mr. Karp had… Keep Reading

Blackness in Flux in Okinawa

Did the poster above throw you for a loop? It’s taken from a photo of the MLK memorial march in Okinawa, Japan during January 1972.  I think I will print and frame the photo for my podcast studio. Via the Grits and Sushi blog, you will find information on what is sure to be a… Keep Reading

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