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Obama Declares War on the Yakuza

Here’s an informative post from the Japan Subculture Research Center (@japansubculture). The US has declared war (not in the military sense) on the yakuza, one of four transnational criminal organizations singled out by the POTUS in the EXECUTIVE ORDER: BLOCKING PROPERTY OF TRANSNATIONAL CRIMINAL ORGANIZATIONS: On July 24th, President Barak Obama declared war on the… Keep Reading

Obama Pitching Change in a KFC Commercial?

“Change –Not only for America, but for the whole world. Not only for your mom, but for you, your stomach, for a better taste!” Cue giant fish sandwich… okay, crush the messenger! Hmm! Change is good, right? Well, I am not too sure what message Yum Brands (owner of 3,200 KFC restaurant outlets in China) was trying… Keep Reading

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California Shinkansen?

$8 billion grant of federal funds was allocated by the Obama administration to make a high-speed railway system (HSR) in the U.S. a reality. Efficient means of transportation for large numbers of people that wish to travel great distances in a safe, quick and comfortable manner. Keep Reading


Black Scholars Who Make a Specialty of Asian Studies Revisited

[Originally posted in June 2008. Revisited for Black History Month] I received the following question from a new BT reader this afternoon. He asked: “Why do you find Japan so fascinating?” My quick reply to the question: “I find Japanese history and culture fascinating, the Japanese interesting (from a sociological point-of-view) and life in Japan,… Keep Reading

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