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AskMen.com: Top 29 Best Cities to Live In

AskMen.com presents the inaugural edition of the AskMen.com‘s Top 29: Best Cities to Live In. This comprehensive roundup of the year’s most inhabitable cities for the everyday man was determined by seven unique guy-centric rating categories. The Top 29 Best Cities follows the footsteps of the AskMen extensive library of travel articles and destination guides which… Keep Reading

Japan Times Blogroll: Black Tokyo

Black Tokyo by RICARDO BILTON:  Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Eric L. Robinson found himself docking in Okinawa in 1981. For the past two decades, Robinson, a Marine Corps veteran, has traveled back and forth between between Japan and the United States, gaining experiences and insights from each culture that he now shares with the readers of… Keep Reading


Three Major Japanese Newspapers Collectively Introduce iPhone/iPod App

Asiajin reports: The three major Japanese newspaper companies in the Nikkei-Asahi-Yomiuri Internet Business Partnership introduced their free iPhone/iPod app on Wednesday, enabling news stories from these papers to be read side by side. The partnership was formed almost a year ago to launch a website bringing news stories from the three different papers together in… Keep Reading


TBS Uses CGI Fondling to Report Groping

Let’s Japan reported that a man who challenged a 1999 groping accusation by a female commuter won his court case against the accuser Nov. 7, 2008. The Japan Supreme Court revoked the charge of “public nuisance” against the man. In September 1999, a woman accused the man of rubbing his groin on her thigh as… Keep Reading


PM Aso to reporter, "Cut the B.S.!"

Reporters can be a real pain in the ketsu (oshiri) when they ask questions that have much to do about zip. Ampontan reports that PM Aso firmly handled one reporter recently. Is this the beginning of “change” in the world of Japanese politics? Will PM Aso kick ass and take names or will he fall… Keep Reading


Japan Newspapers and News Media

A great resource for those that want more on Japan! Japan Newspapers and News Media – National and Foreign Japan – Broadcast News Media National National National National National National National National National Foreign CNN Fuji TV Fuji TV NHK NHK NTV TBS TV Asahi TV Tokyo Radio Japan BC BC BC BC BC BC… Keep Reading

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