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Japan’s Leadership Deficit

Observing Japan’s Tobias Harris, doctoral candidate in political science at MIT, has written a great piece for the Far Eastern Economic Review on the lack of Japan’s leadership. Harris is the author of Observing Japan (www.observingjapan.com), a blog on Japanese politics. It’s a great read, so check be sure to check it out! The travails… Keep Reading


Japan commissions Hyuga helicopter carrier

   Here is a follow-up to my previous posts on Japan Rising in the Asia-Pacific. The Hyuga is in the same weight range of the European “Harrier carriers” and can be an effective platform for fixed-wing aircraft. As Harold C. Hutchison “In essence, Japan will have a ship about the size of the vessels that were the centerpiece of the British… Keep Reading


Half, bi or double? One family's trouble

Here is an interesting article written by Kristy Kosaka for the Zeit Gist that deals with an issue commonly discussed here on Black Tokyo, acknowledging and embracing multiculturalism in Japan. Please feel free to comment on the article. It may not matter for inanimate objects, incapable of altering their own sweet smell, but for humans… Keep Reading


Sour Strawberries: Japan‘s Hidden Guest Workers

“Sour Strawberries” is a documentary on migrant workers, human right, exploitation and discrimination in Japan. It tells the story of two Nikkei-Jin workers from Peru and Brazil and three Chinese participants of the International Training Programm. It also features interviews with former Vice-Minister of Justice Kono Taro, Upper House Member Tsurunen Marutei, Union-Leader Torii Ippei,… Keep Reading


Law Changes for Foreigners?!

There is a dual nationality discussion going on within the ruling LDP political party. At the moment it is a very tentative trial balloon, and no substantial outcome is in sight. But it is obvious to everyone with a connection to Japan, except the old hard-heads on the right, that there is something very wrong with the psychological and physical health… Keep Reading

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