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Book Review: The Year of No Money in Tokyo

I received my copy of Wayne Lionel Aponte’s 163-page book, “The Year of No Money in Tokyo,” in early June. Although it took me two-days to read the book (pretty good with my schedule), I will read it again to take additional notes for my podcast and to see if I missed anything interesting the… Keep Reading


16 Questions on Japan

Yanasu, a guy with “just another blog about Japan” has posted 16 questions about Japan. How would you answer them? Check the Yonasu Blog to see how others have answered. Here are the questions: Yonasu: “I know I’ve mentioned this before on Twitter, but I don’t think I’ve talked about it here yet. Anyways, I’m… Keep Reading


The Year of No Money in Tokyo

There is a new book out written by New York City native Wayne Lionel Aponte, an African-American journalist and teacher, who has lived in Japan for almost two decades. According to his website, Aponte  has written for several publications, including  The New York Times, The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and The Nation. I have not received a copy of the book… Keep Reading


Good News for Japan's Young Families?

Many Japanese women who want to work after giving birth are stymied by a matrix of government rules and private-sector policies that block access to government child care. Has change really come to women in Japan? The Washington Post reports: “Rolling out Japan’s largest-ever economic stimulus plan, Prime Minister Taro Aso gave a much-needed gift last week… Keep Reading


AskMen.com: Top 29 Best Cities to Live In

AskMen.com presents the inaugural edition of the AskMen.com‘s Top 29: Best Cities to Live In. This comprehensive roundup of the year’s most inhabitable cities for the everyday man was determined by seven unique guy-centric rating categories. The Top 29 Best Cities follows the footsteps of the AskMen extensive library of travel articles and destination guides which… Keep Reading


HSBC to offer Japan housing loans to foreigners

London-based HSBC Group said Wednesday it will tie up with two Japanese real estate companies to extend mortgage loans to foreign residents so they can buy property in Japan more easily. The deal was to be announced Thursday. The two partners are Mitsui Real Estate Sales Co., one of the leading Japanese real estate firms, and… Keep Reading

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