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Black in Japan Series

Hey BT’ers! Here is an interesting video series by Gimmeaflakeman on being black in Japan. The first person interviewed in Kemushichan. Be sure to check out her FB page, YouTube videos and Gaman series.. Keep Reading


Race, ethnicity and identity in Japan

JAPAN’S MINORITIES: The Illusion of Homogeneity, edited by Michael Weiner. London: Routledge, 2008 (1st edition 1997), 234 pp., £19.99 (paper). Jeff Kingston writes for the Japan Times: “Japan is a multiethnic society largely in denial about its diversity. Here we can examine the contradictions and consequences of this discourse. This second edition published a dozen… Keep Reading

Japan Times Blogroll: Black Tokyo

Black Tokyo by RICARDO BILTON:  Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Eric L. Robinson found himself docking in Okinawa in 1981. For the past two decades, Robinson, a Marine Corps veteran, has traveled back and forth between between Japan and the United States, gaining experiences and insights from each culture that he now shares with the readers of… Keep Reading


Discrimination claims die hard in Japan

  Despite official claims, prejudice against former ‘buraku’ outcasts said active from bottom to top! As the United States welcomes its first African-American president, Japan is still struggling with prejudices that are preventing it from breaking ancient taboos and installing a minority as its leader, some say. Nearly a decade ago, seasoned politician Hiromu Nonaka was… Keep Reading


Mainichi Shimbun answers questions on Obama's race

When I first read Yoshinori Nakai’s (Deputy Chief Editorial Writer, Mainichi Shimbun) article answering the question: “Is U.S. President-elect Barack Obama really black?” I thought: “Okay, this is really a dumb-ass question!” but then it dawned on me that some in America had/have/may have issues with Obama and his race: “Is he Black enough?”  “He’s not Black,… Keep Reading


Foreign students to fill the halls

Japanese universities look abroad in hopes of upping their sagging enrollments Rie Yoshinaga had a wide range of colleges to choose from. Globalization: Of the 6,000 students at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University in Kyushu, nearly half come from abroad, as does the faculty. Classes are taught both in English and Japanese. TOMOKO OTAKE PHOTOS   Having… Keep Reading

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