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Nicola Furlong Case: 19-Year-Old Guilty of Murder in Japan

The family of Nicola Furlong feels justice has not been served after the 19-year-old American musician on trial in their daughter’s death was sentenced to 5-10 years with labor, less 120-days for time served in detention, for murder. This sentence is what the Prosecutor, Kenji Horikoshi, called for during the closing arguments of trial. Keep Reading

Nicola Furlong Case: Three Years with Labor for Blackston

The Independent.ie reports: “Blackston (23) was charged with sexually assaulting a Brazilian woman last April and assaulting Ms Furlong’s friend last May in a Tokyo taxi that also contained carried his friend Richard Hinds and Ms Furlong. In the Blackston verdict, Judge Masayuki Yamada said that he assaulted Ms Furlong’s friend to fulfill his “desire.””… Keep Reading

Nicola Furlong’s Mother Speaks

Below is the full impact statement read to the lay judges by Nicola Furlong’s Mother: My Name is Angela Furlong, I am Nicola’s Mother I remember so well the day our Nicola came into the world – a beautiful baby girl. The joy of holding her and loving her. Keep Reading

Nicola Furlong Investigation: The Accused Speaks and the Probable Verdicts

RUMORS, FOREIGN MEDIA AND UNDERGROUND NEWS In the Japan Times article (June 2012): “Rumors, lies fill void left by police in Furlong case: Starved of information, the Internet is telling the story of a young Irish woman’s death — but not always accurately by David McNeill,” the following was reported: “The Furlongs were upset by… Keep Reading

Nicola Furlong Trial: Where Does the Evidence Lead?

@IrishCentral reported: “The man accused of murdering Irish student Nicola Furlong told a friend the 21-year-old was “tripping” before her death, a court in Japan has heard.” According to The Irish Sun: Dancer Dmac Sandoz, who was staying in Room 1437 of the Keio Plaza Hotel, called the defendant’s room at approximately 3 a.m. and… Keep Reading

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