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Female entrepreneurship in the Japanese economy

Due to the internet penetration and growth in Japan, women have been encouraged to start e-businesses. Previous posts on BT talks about the dire situation that some Japanese (and foreign women) find in Japan’s job market. Could the article below be the ticket to prosperity and freedom? Japan Inc. Magazine: While the financial crisis is prompting… Keep Reading


Japan's Good Design Awards 2008

I love architecture and design. Business Week has a great story on Jun Aoki, winner of the 2008 top design award in Japan. Check out his story and the stories on the other 15 best designs in Japan. Every year since 1957, the government-funded Japan Industrial Promotion Organization (JIDPO) has lent its prestigious Good Design… Keep Reading


Sanyo rechargeable pocket warmers

Japan Marketing News wrote about kairo, the omnipresent disposable pocket warmers favored by so many Japanese during the cold winter months (Kairo keep Tokyo Warm). They’ve been a mainstay in Japan for decades. In retrospect, it’s amazing that somebody else hadn’t already thought of it, but in late 2006 Sanyo introduced a rechargeable kairo that employs… Keep Reading


Foreign students to fill the halls

Japanese universities look abroad in hopes of upping their sagging enrollments Rie Yoshinaga had a wide range of colleges to choose from. Globalization: Of the 6,000 students at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University in Kyushu, nearly half come from abroad, as does the faculty. Classes are taught both in English and Japanese. TOMOKO OTAKE PHOTOS   Having… Keep Reading


Japan urges you to do it!

Japan’s subways and trains are crowded, so transportation companies frequently hang posters to remind passengers to be considerate of others. Recently, this series from Tokyo Metro has been running with different executions appearing each month. Apart from the numbingly clumsy and dull English copy (sadly, even today most Japanese companies can’t be bothered to hire… Keep Reading


Cell phones used to assist indecisive Japanese shoppers

So, you’re a Japanese consumer and you’re thinking of buying a new outfit online, or you’re wondering how you might look with the latest trendy hairstyle, but you can’t decide which look is right for you. Well, worry no more. If you’re an owner of a KDDI au cell phone, you can now use their… Keep Reading

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