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Obama Makes Good on Promise to Attack Yakuza

Well, I guess that America made good on its promise to go after Japan’s yakuza. In my previous post on US President Obama declared war on the yakuza via an Executive Order: Blocking Property of Transnational Criminal Organizations, the US names four transnational organized crime groups, including the Yakuza, and authorizes the U.S. Treasury, working with… Keep Reading

Manga no Shimbun

Asiajin has discovered a new website, Manga no Shimbun (Manga Newspaper) by KaBa Net, which offers news in Japanese comic style. He reports that Manga no Shimbun covers four categories, Politics/Economy, International,Society and Entertainment/Sports. Asiajin also reports that IT lovers can get their fix via Nihon IT Manga Shimbun (Japan IT Manga Newspaper). Click here to read more! Keep Reading


Manga and Anime

Are you a manga or anime lover? Maybe your curious to know why manga and anime are popular. Well, here is an interesting podcast by “An External Thought in the Mind of Godzilla” a.k.a. Patrick Macias that gives some insight into the world of manga and anime otaku. [An External Thought in the Mind of… Keep Reading


Japan manga publisher starts English version online

Japan Today reported: “Shogakukan Inc, in a rare move as a Japanese publisher, has started to allow people in the United States to read English versions of ‘‘manga’’ comic stories on the Internet at the same time as it publishes the original printed versions in Japan. The quick distribution of the ‘‘authorized’’ English version is… Keep Reading


WTF? Simple possession of child porn unpunishable in Japan

Third World Congress against Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents: Viewing child porn, manga depicting such to be criminalized; Simple possession of child porn unpunishable in Japan It has been seven years since the Yokohama congress, and Japan has yet to regulate the simple possession of child porn. This is a problem. I want Japan… Keep Reading


Child Pornography Prevention Law Amendment

Experts concerned about bill amending Child Pornography Prevention Law, fearing restrictions on manga, anime, investigating authorities’ view reflected in judgment, freedom of expression undermined The ruling coalition has submitted a bill amending the Child Pornography Prevention Law to the current Diet session. The bill prohibits the individual possession of child pornography and indecent videos. Manga… Keep Reading

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