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Japanese Grammar Quiz

Harvey over at Japan Newbie has an interesting challenge for you budding Japanese linguist. He writes… “Are you confident in your Japanese language skills? Try this pretty tough online grammar quiz and see what you still need to learn. Japanese Grammar Quiz 文法クイズ After you submit your answers it will tell you what you got… Keep Reading


Eight Languages in Japan Could Disappear

With only 15 speakers left, the Ainu language is “critically endangered” while seven other languages in Japan are also at risk of disappearing, according to a UNESCO report. These eight languages in Japan are among about 2,500 around the world that have become or could become extinct, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s… Keep Reading



Are you an English teacher with a  year or two left on your working visa, a USGOV civil servant looking for a change, or a US military veteran overseas looking for employment that counts towards retirement? Maybe you are just looking for a change, wondering how life in Japan is under SOFA status, or just… Keep Reading

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