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Manga no Shimbun

Asiajin has discovered a new website, Manga no Shimbun (Manga Newspaper) by KaBa Net, which offers news in Japanese comic style. He reports that Manga no Shimbun covers four categories, Politics/Economy, International,Society and Entertainment/Sports. Asiajin also reports that IT lovers can get their fix via Nihon IT Manga Shimbun (Japan IT Manga Newspaper). Click here to read more! Keep Reading

Obama’s obamu

In my previous posts on President Obama and the popularity of learning English via “the Obama way,”So…Sharon writes: “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!” “Just do it!” “Play with heart.” Quotes and tag lines that promote optimism have become part of political vernacular. “Yes we can!”, the tag line for President Obama’s campaign was… Keep Reading

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