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How to Japonese

I  love the blog, How to Japonese. The writer puts his heart and soul into his Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s posting on learning the Japanese language and life in Japan. Here is a blurb from the Japan Times interview: The blog How To Japonese should appeal to anyone studying intermediate and advanced Japanese, but don’t expect… Keep Reading


Vintage Japanese air raid defense posters

A very good post for students of Japanese, especially military linguists learning Japanese, that shows vintage posters with information on Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) agents and recommended treatments in case one is exposed to NBC weapons. This information will be useful for those in the medical or military profession. I am sure that the… Keep Reading


ShinKanji for the iPhone and iPod touch

I love my iPhone and here is something that students of Japanese will find useful, ShinKanji. This will probably become one of my favorite purchases from the iTunes Store. ShinKanji should help me remember the numerous kanji that I have forgotten, and of course, learn many more. You know what they say, “if you don’t… Keep Reading


Black Expat: Chuck Johnson – Kickin’ Butt in Japan

Black Expat Magazine has a great feature on fellow Detroiter, Chuck Johnson, martial artist and rising movie star. It would be great to meet Chuck and converse in Korean. I bet that would be interesting!   Movie Having lived in Asia, I know first hand how stereotypes Westerners bring with them (including myself) often obtained through the… Keep Reading


Joe Sample – Carmel (日本語版)

フュージョンと言えば、真っ先に管理人の頭に思い浮かぶのが「The Crusaders」である。 R&B/Soulファンにとっては、Street Life (1979) こちらがお馴染みだろう。  Joe Sampleはこのバンドのキーボード奏者であり、現在もアメリカを代表するジャズピアニストとして活躍している。 この曲は、Joe Sampleがソロになって2枚目のアルバム、Carmelに納められている。 カーメルとは、サンフランシスコから南へ200km下った所にある、美しい街を表す。そしてこのアルバムは、彼が当時モントレー半島を訪れた際、この街の美しさにインスパイアされた事から生まれたという。   カーメルとは、サンフランシスコから南へ200km下った所にある、美しい街を表す。そしてこのアルバムは、彼が当時モントレー半島を訪れた際、この街の美しさにインスパイアされた事から生まれたという。 Keep Reading


Books on Japan

I received an email from a college student asking me to recommend books on Japan. Below are five books that I use for research and teaching.  The African-American Encounter with Japan & China, Black Internationalism in Asia, 1895-1945 (Gallicchio) African-American Views of the Japanese (Kearney) Japan Rising (Pyle) Japan’s Reluctant Realism (Green) Japanese the Manga… Keep Reading

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