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Custody Battles in Japan

  Michael Hassett writes: “There is a 21.1-percent likelihood that a man who marries a Japanese national will do the following: create at least one child with his spouse (85.2 percent probability), then divorce within the first 20 years of marriage (31 percent), and subsequently lose custody of any children (80 percent). And in a… Keep Reading


Problems with Japan's Family Registry

  Here is an interesting and problematic read on Japan’s Koseki System: “This may be common knowledge, but it wasn’t for me (admittedly due to my own failure to properly research the issues), the lesson being that you should never take anything for granted — not even something as simple as your child’s last name.… Keep Reading


Refused a Job for being Half/Biracial/Double, not Japanese?!

I received this from Debito regarding a [World Famous Company] in the Tohoku region of Japan that refused to employ a young Japanese man probably because he’s half/biracial/double a.k.a. in this situation, not Japanese. The [World Famous Company] even retracted their original job offer! Apparently after the interview, the young man was separated from two other job applicants who also passed their… Keep Reading


Japan's Ainu Finally Gets Recognition

In the 19th Century, Japanese people called the northern island of Hokkaido “Ezochi”. It meant “Land of the Ainu”, a reference to the fair-skinned, long-haired people who had lived there for hundreds of years. The Ainu were hunters and fishermen with animist beliefs. But their communities and traditions were eroded by waves of Japanese settlement and subsequent assimilation… Keep Reading


Free Legal Telephone Counseling for Foreigners/Refugees

Hello! I received this from Debito: “I just received information about a hotline which will be open from 1 to 5pm on Sunday June 1st providing free legal advice to foreigners living in Japan. This is to test the demand for such a service in relation to research by the Japan Law Foundation being made by lawyers, NGOs and… Keep Reading


Sex And Race In Okinawa

With the recent spat of criminal and alledged criminal acts committed by US Forces Japan on Okinawa and Mainland Japan, I think that I should renew the Black Tokyo Forum discussions on the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA), the Okinawa-mondai (problem), and the “ura” behind the scenes or underground happenings in Japan.   I am… Keep Reading

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