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Nicola Furlong Family Sues Keio Tokyo Plaza Hotel

The Irish Examiner reports: The family of Nicola Furlong are planning to sue the hotel in Tokyo where she was murdered. Returning from Japan last night, the Furlongs told the Irish Independent they will take a civil action for negligence against the Keio Plaza Hotel. Nineteen-year-old American Richard Hinds was convicted of her murder on… Keep Reading

Nicola Furlong Case: 19-Year-Old Guilty of Murder in Japan

The family of Nicola Furlong feels justice has not been served after the 19-year-old American musician on trial in their daughter’s death was sentenced to 5-10 years with labor, less 120-days for time served in detention, for murder. This sentence is what the Prosecutor, Kenji Horikoshi, called for during the closing arguments of trial. Keep Reading

Nicola Furlong Trial: Where Does the Evidence Lead?

@IrishCentral reported: “The man accused of murdering Irish student Nicola Furlong told a friend the 21-year-old was “tripping” before her death, a court in Japan has heard.” According to The Irish Sun: Dancer Dmac Sandoz, who was staying in Room 1437 of the Keio Plaza Hotel, called the defendant’s room at approximately 3 a.m. and… Keep Reading

The Nicola Furlong Case: Fact, Fallacy, Phallusy, Opinions and Contradiction

The trial continues in Courtroom 416 of Tokyo’s District Court. It is now known that the defendant and Mr. Blackston were “caught on CCTV in a taxi laughing about having sex with an unconscious Nicola Furlong and her unnamed friend. THE CHARGES LEVIED AGAINST THE ACCUSED MINOR IN NICOLA FURLONG’S DEATH: “Charged that between 3am… Keep Reading

Furlong’s Friend Testifies: Does it Help or Hurt the Case?

Nicola Furlong’s best friend gave testimony about the events surrounding the tragic night Ms. Furlong died. Via the Irish Times: “Speaking via a video link, the witness said she had been friends with Ms Furlong since school and they were studying together at a university outside Tokyo at the time of her death.” It is… Keep Reading

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