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Japan classified as an aircraft carrier power and does not rule out war

I love indicators and love it when the truth comes out. In 2008, I blogged on Japan Rising in the Pacific which discusses Japan’s military ambitions and right to self-collective defense. Here is the latest from the IISS via the China Daily: Japan has been formally classified for the first time since World War II as… Keep Reading

Changes to US-Japan Status of Forces Agreement?

I have mixed feelings and a few questions about this proposed change to the SOFA: Will court-appointed interpreters be provided? How long can personnel under SOFA be held? Will Japan be allowed to rearrest personnel under SOFA soon after “release?” Will those under 20 be considered juveniles? Civilian employees and dependents also face disciplinary action,… Keep Reading

Japan’s About Face

I previously posted on Japan’s rise militarily in Asia: “Many of the BT’ers are well aware of  my post regarding Japan’s “defensive” military capabilities and the need for Japan to step up and do more than open their fat checkbook when it comes to defense contributions. Some may also remember my posts on Japan’s steady… Keep Reading


The alliance is dead, long live the alliance

This is a good read but I have a few differences of opinion. Nothing new, right? I always find something to disagree with. Anyway, I will save my banter for later and will only say that the “elites” of Japan need to learn how to multitask and focus on Japan’s security by supporting a structure… Keep Reading


A New Interpretation of Article 9

  I have previously blogged about the Japanese Self Defense Force… It’s 2008 and Japan has the second strongest military force in Asia, continues to spend 1 percent of its GDP on defense, has acquired some pretty neat military toys (and sells a few using a broad interpretation of “aid”), has redeployed newer fighter aircraft… Keep Reading

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