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Don Doko Don: The Yamakiya Taiko Club Story on Kickstarter

I received notification of a great Kickstarter project, “Don Doko Don: The Yamakiya Taiko Club Story” that needs your support. Here is a some background on the Kickstarter project: Don Doko Don: The Yamakiya Taiko Club Story follows an award winning Japanese Taiko Drum Troop – comprised entirely of kids, teens and 20-year-olds – living in… Keep Reading


Niggas and Japs by Dex Digital

Keeping with my Golden Week theme of bringing you a myriad of stories on blackness in Japan, Dex Digital [@dexdigi on Twitter] brings us “Niggas and Japs – Race, Identity, and the Right Wing in Japanese Hip-Hop” which was presented at UCLA on  December 5, 2010. 日本語版もやろうかなぁと思ってるけど、果たして需要があるのかな… The presentation may be old but the message is still current.… Keep Reading

Onmugen: J-HipHop & Space Funky Mix

Here is an older mix from OnMugen of some pretty sick Japanese hip hop. Follow OnMugen on Twitter via @onmugen and the OnMugen Chronicles blog at here. J-HipHop & Space Funky Mix by Onmugen on Mixcloud Keep Reading

Do You Dream of Sushi?

If you like food porn, this is it because I know that I can’t wait to see the movie Jiro Dreams of Sushi. Wait! I can’t wait to eat at the restaurant that serves the sushi prepared by Ono Jiro,  the sushi chef featured in the movie. Here is a synopsis: JIRO DREAMS OF SUSHI is the story… Keep Reading

Obama Makes Good on Promise to Attack Yakuza

Well, I guess that America made good on its promise to go after Japan’s yakuza. In my previous post on US President Obama declared war on the yakuza via an Executive Order: Blocking Property of Transnational Criminal Organizations, the US names four transnational organized crime groups, including the Yakuza, and authorizes the U.S. Treasury, working with… Keep Reading

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