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Life in Japan: Being BLACK, AFRICAN and FE/MALE in Japan (Part-One: Grace Namawejje)

Via Tamarahco Hen Productions, “Being BLACK, AFRICAN and FE/MALE in Japan is a (as yet) four-part video teaching tool designed for classroom use. Each part — roughly 50 minutes, chapter-marked, and headed by text-based questions — focuses on an individual Japan-based African wo/man. The interviewer is a European-American permanent resident of Japan, who teaches at a… Keep Reading

Japanese Diplomat Guilty of Spousal Abuse in America

A verdict has been reached in a case that Black Tokyo reported in December 2012. According to the San Francisco Gate: “A San Francisco-based Japanese diplomat who pleaded no contest to domestic violence charges was ordered Monday to serve a year in jail. Yoshiaki Nagaya, a vice consul at the Japanese consulate in San Francisco,… Keep Reading

Japan & African Americans from the Russo-Japanese War to Pearl Harbor

I had the pleasure of viewing Mr. Ben Karp’s presentation at the Institute of Contemporary Asian Studies, Temple University in Japan on the Golden Era of Black and Japanese relations. He discusses W.E. Du Bois’ travels to Japan and provides insights to a period considered a peak of Black – Japanese relations. Additionally, Mr. Karp had… Keep Reading

Don Doko Don: The Yamakiya Taiko Club Story on Kickstarter

I received notification of a great Kickstarter project, “Don Doko Don: The Yamakiya Taiko Club Story” that needs your support. Here is a some background on the Kickstarter project: Don Doko Don: The Yamakiya Taiko Club Story follows an award winning Japanese Taiko Drum Troop – comprised entirely of kids, teens and 20-year-olds – living in… Keep Reading

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