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Loco in Yokohama: Black Women Are Winning!

Check out the Baye McNeil’s latest Japan Times article, Black Women in Japan are Winning. The four women featured share their story and provide resources for black women currently residing in Japan. Click here to learn more about the Black Women in Japan Facebook Group and  and the women behind the 2017 Black Women in Japan Convention. Keep Reading

Osaka Evessa’s Lynn Washington Gets the Bounce and Scores a Drug Bust Victory

The Japan Times has reported that Osaka Evessa’s Lynn Washington has been released from custody and fully exonerated after being arrested and accused of drug smuggling. I’m glad that Washington beat the full court press, the California native has been a great American ambassador for the Basketball Japan League. As previously reported on Black Tokyo: “A very sad turn to… Keep Reading

Japanese mother on other side of child abduction issue

Well, it seems that Japan may have a different type of pressure to advance their Hague Convention ratification process as quickly as possible and implement legislation as close as possible to widely accepted world standards. In a Japan Times article, Hague won’t help Japanese mom reunite with lost baby, it seems that a Japanese mother… Keep Reading

Foreign residents in Japan drops two percent

The Japan Times reports: “The number of foreign residents in Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures dropped 10.5 percent to 30,092 between the end of December and the end of March, according to the Justice Ministry. The three prefectures were the hardest hit by the March 11 earthquake-tsunami disaster. The number of foreigners declined 1.9 percent… Keep Reading

Cost of cigarettes increased by 100 Yen

  BT’s previous article “Puff on This” talked about the challenges Japn faced as a smoker’s paradise. Now it is seems the shift in the GOJ’s attitude may truly have an impact on smokers in Japan. [Via the Japan Times] It looks like smokers in Japan may be puffing a little less due to the… Keep Reading

MCAS Futenma to Relocate to Nago?

The Japan Times reports: A draft obtained Tuesday of Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama’s plan for the Futenma air base specifies the Henoko district in Nago,Okinawa Prefecture, as the relocation site — in line with the existing deal signed by Tokyo and Washington fours years ago. The draft states that the government will construct a 1,600- to… Keep Reading

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