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Furlong’s Friend Testifies: Does it Help or Hurt the Case?

Nicola Furlong’s best friend gave testimony about the events surrounding the tragic night Ms. Furlong died. Via the Irish Times: “Speaking via a video link, the witness said she had been friends with Ms Furlong since school and they were studying together at a university outside Tokyo at the time of her death.” It is… Keep Reading

Nicola Furlong Cause of Death: Strangulation

So it appears that Black Tokyo (BT) was correct in its hypothesis that date rape drugs WERE NOT used by the two Americans currently on trial in the death of Nicola Furlong and sexual assault of Ms. Furlong’s friend. DNA tests revealed that there was no evidence that sexual intercourse had taken place. As noted… Keep Reading

Nicola Furlong’s Toxicology Report: Positive for Drugs

Additional information into the cause of death of Irish exchange student, Nicola Furlong, has been released. Via the Independent.ie, Paul Murphy in Tokyo reported that “Nicola had ‘date rape’ drugs in her system” with “the test results showing the presence of Lidocaine and the sleeping drug Xanax.” Via the Japan Times, it was reported that… Keep Reading

Nicola Furlong Death Investigation Update

  Here is the latest follow-up on the Nicola Furlong death investigation: “Well-know Memphis, Tennessee Christian musician, Richard Hinds, appeared in a Tokyo juvenile courtroom late last year where it was determined by three judges that he will be charged as an adult in the death of Ms. Nicola Furlong. Mr. Hinds had planned to… Keep Reading

American Held in Nicola Furlong Death to be Tried as an Adult

The family of Nicola Furlong for the first time had their chance to face the 19-year-old American currently under arrest for the death of the 23-year-old Irish exchange student. Nicola’s father, mother and younger sister looked on as the well-know Memphis, Tennessee Christian musician, Richard Hinds, appeared in a Tokyo juvenile courtroom where it was… Keep Reading

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