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Critic of U.S. military in Japan directs a documentary about U.S. Marines

(Kyodo Photo). As discussions continue regarding the fate of U.S. bases in Okinawa dominate the headlines in Japan, some may wonder whether or not the presence of the US in Japan hinders or helps the people of this Island nation. Some may debate if Japan’s Prime Minister Hatoyama is handling the situation properly, while other… Keep Reading

Loco in Yokohama: Are You African?

Two very interesting posts from Loco in Yokohama that deal with stereotypes and very common perceptions about race and ethnicity in Japan. Feel free to comment on both Black Tokyo and Loco in Yokohama. In Part 1 of the Loco in Yokohama, “Are You African? post: The other day in class, the Japanese English teacher asked me… Keep Reading


Home by Tomoyuki Sakaguchi

I found this slide show on Black Otaku (it’s not what you think). I think I will purchase his book for a glimpse into a potential future neighborhood: “I stumbled on a online gold mine. A talented guy named Tomoyuki Sakaguchi took some amazing photographs of his neighborhood. In his new photo book entitled Home,… Keep Reading


Hear Japan

I recently came across the Hear Japan site. I signed up to download music from Japan. Check it out and let me know what you think! Here’s a blurb from the Hear Japan site: HearJapan tears down the barriers between you and Japanese music. No more jumping through hoops to listen to your favorite Japanese… Keep Reading


Fashion in Japan

I received an email asking about fashion in Japan. Here are two that will get you started:  Fashion & accessories:  http://gw.tv/fw/ravi/index2.phpIf you are looking for intimate items in Japan, try this link:  http://gw.tv/fw/ravi/index2.phpor visit a  Ravijour shop, there is one at the famous Shibuya109 building. I will post more later! Keep Reading

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