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Japan’s priority measures against child pornography

It seems that Japan is doing more to battle child porn. I wonder if it will be enough to deter the crime? Here are my previous posts on the topic. The Nikkei Shimbun translation is below: “The National Police Agency (NPA) has mapped out a priority program to be tackled to root out child pornography,… Keep Reading


Good news! Younger farmers blogging their way to success

I enjoyed reading this story on young farmers. I used to grow my own veggies when I lived in Detroit and most recently on my balcony at my current location. For the past two-weeks, I have been eyeing property an hour away that sits on 10 acres of land. It’s priced right, large enough to… Keep Reading


16 Questions on Japan

Yanasu, a guy with “just another blog about Japan” has posted 16 questions about Japan. How would you answer them? Check the Yonasu Blog to see how others have answered. Here are the questions: Yonasu: “I know I’ve mentioned this before on Twitter, but I don’t think I’ve talked about it here yet. Anyways, I’m… Keep Reading


Female entrepreneurship in the Japanese economy

Due to the internet penetration and growth in Japan, women have been encouraged to start e-businesses. Previous posts on BT talks about the dire situation that some Japanese (and foreign women) find in Japan’s job market. Could the article below be the ticket to prosperity and freedom? Japan Inc. Magazine: While the financial crisis is prompting… Keep Reading


Black Tokyo Twitter Swag

Arigato to all of the Tweeters that connect and share information. I doubt if BT will ever hit the 1 Millionth follower mark but here’s to showing some Twitter love! Oh! If you don’t tweet, ya betta as’ somebody! Looking forward to Poken some of y’all. Below is a mosaic of Black Tokyo Twitter Followers:… Keep Reading


Will Japan tackle slander on the Internet?

Japan’s Justice Ministry announced that Internet slander cases rose 23% in 2008. I have seen my fair share of “haters” flaming, spamming and spewing their rhetoric on various websites. As I said in my Japan Times interview, “Black Tokyo receives a fair amount of spam and occasional hate mail.” Another thing spread on the Internet are… Keep Reading

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