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Japan & U.S. reviewing Korean contingency tactics

Japan, U.S. to carry out basic review of Korean contingency tactics, focusing on over a dozen items, including selection of airports  It has been learned that the Japanese and U.S. governments have begun to work on a basic review of the joint tactical plan of the U.S forces and the Self-Defense Forces (SDF) for meeting… Keep Reading


Iishiba gets 1-year in prison for firearms smuggling

  A U.S. Army captain who was intelligence liaison to the Japanese military was sentenced Friday to a year and a day in prison for a firearms smuggling conspiracy. U.S. District Judge Marsha J Pechman rejected a recommendation from both sides that Capt Tomoaki Iishiba be spared time behind bars. She says the 34-year-old showed… Keep Reading


Commentary: What Barack Obama means to me

When President-elect Barack Obama and his family move into the White House, it will signify moving into every household in America. Obama will not become some Black dude that moved in down the street located in a predominately White neighborhood and he and his family will not become the new Cosby Show. The Obamas will… Keep Reading


Japan's spies: What cloak, dagger?

How ill is Kim Jong Il? Intelligence agencies around the world, including the CIA, are believed preparing for possible turmoil in North Korea, where the dictator’s health remains a highly guarded secret from the outside world. One size fits all: North Korean leader Kim Jong Il visits a military unit at an undisclosed location in… Keep Reading


North Korea Spy Captured

Sometimes I really miss my old job. Here is a hit and a miss for the South Korean intelligence community. The DPRK once again shows the world how to get the most bang for their buck when employing kidnapped South Koreans, Japanese and others used to train DPRK spy. This gives the job title “foreign… Keep Reading


Captain Tomoaki Ishiba pleads guilty to smuggling gun parts

I previously reported the story of Captain Tomoaki Iishiba who was indicted for conspiring to export military equipment to Japan without obtaining U.S. government approval. He pleaded guilty in federal court to conspiring to smuggle firearms parts to Japan without a license. Capt. Tomoaki Iishiba admitted in his plea agreement Monday that he circumvented export permit requirements… Keep Reading

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