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The Black Tokyo Kiva Team

Hi! My wife and I have made eight micro loans via Kiva to various individuals around the world that need assistance in establishing and growing their business. Five of the loans have been repaid. My loans have supported two retail businesses in the Philippines, weaving and pig farming businesses in Cambodia, a used clothing store… Keep Reading


Where have all the foreigners gone?

The latest from Japan, Inc’s Terrie Lloyd: Talking of meltdowns, the problems in the international banking sector is obviously hitting the Tokyo expat community hard. Although there are no statistics, it is not difficult to see evidence of the escalating departure of foreigners as the recession (or is it already a depression?) gathers pace. Restaurants serving… Keep Reading


JHELP Needs Help Assisting Others

I am sure that many of you are aware of the “haken-giri,” or temporary worker cutbacks in Japan (and elsewhere). A majority of Japan’s temporary workers live in company dormitories and without a job, forcing them to leave their home. Temporary workers that do not speak Japanese will find their prospects for re-employment very difficult. Another group… Keep Reading


Black Tokyo Site Revision

Hello BT’ers, Thank you for your continued support and patience during site revisions. The Black Tokyo theme/layout has been revised to help you search for topics and archived posts. Please use the “Categories” and “Archive” drop-down bars (located under the Black Tokyo “Meta” section) to find posts relating to your area(s) of interest. For example, if… Keep Reading


Suicide in Japan

A group of scholars have compiled a White Paper derived from Japan’s National Police Agency data on the state of suicide in Japan. The White Paper highlights risk factors that contribute to Japan’s high number of suicides and considers causes and motives for suicide as well as the job status of victims, classified by the number of… Keep Reading


Free Legal Services for Everyone

The map above is to Fuchu Prison in Tokyo. I posted this after reading an article in the Japan Times today. With the rash of trouble happening more often than not in the land of Gaijin-san, it could not have come at a better time. Here is the article:  On April 1, 2006, Nihon Shiho… Keep Reading

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