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4,700 US Marines to leave Okinawa, Japan prior to realignment plan

After reaching a general agreement to revise the 2006 U.S. Forces Japan realignment plan, the United States and Japan plan to frontload the relocation of the US Marines based at MCAS Futenma to Guam. This will be a separate project from the MCAS Futenma relocation. In this relocation, the number of Marines to be relocated… Keep Reading


DPJ's Ozawa: U.S. Navy in Japan is enough

I have previously written about Ozawa’s lack of knowledge when it comes to strategic military matters. Without going into too much detail, it seems that Ozawa also forgot about the constitutional limitations placed on Japan to “defend” itself. His time spent as a politician apparently has not helped him understand the “basic” requirements needed to… Keep Reading


China to build two nuclear-powered aircraft carriers

China continues to rise. It will require billions of dollars and a great deal of the country’s military design capacity. China will end up with a much smaller ship than the American super-carriers, with weapons about a generation behind. But this will still put it far ahead of its neighbors — no East Asian country currently has… Keep Reading


U.S. Marines not leaving Okinawa as planned

AKAHATA reports that “Admiral Timothy Keating, commander of the Pacific Command, indicated in an interview with Reuters on Feb. 5 that the transfer of U.S. Marines in Okinawa to Guam, initially planned to be completed by 2014, will likely fall behind schedule and that more funds would be needed for the plan. Keating said: “The… Keep Reading


Obama may review US, Japan pact

Japanese government officials believe that the Alliance Transformation and Realignment Agreement (ATARA) between the U.S. government and Japan should be revisited and reviewed, which would cause a delay in the relocation of 8,000 U.S. Marines to Guam. And apparently, President-elect Barack Obama’s diplomatic staff agree. Democratic Party of Japan vice president Seiji Maehara said recently that… Keep Reading

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