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When will the suffering stop?

[Via Fukushima Updates • 福島アップデート] The radiation limits Japanese authorities use to determine evacuation areas is too high according to ACRO. It has been fixed at 20 millisieverts per year, which is strongly criticized by many organizations including ACRO. The sievert is the unit used to measure the damage caused by radiation on the body. The… Keep Reading

Photograph of a damaged ATM in Japan possibly by looters.

Looting in Japan?

I have had many a discussion with friends and associates regarding the topic of how well the citizens of Japan handle themselves during a crisis. The topic of looting comes up and there have been countless YouTube clip and blog posting stating how well behaved everyone is. The Kirin Brewery in Sendai was hit once by the powerful Tsunami and then again by hundreds of individuals seeking refreshment in the form of beer, coffee and juice. Keep Reading

Who is US Ambassador to Japan John Roos?

The Nikkei Shimbun asked: “How good is the next ambassador to Japan, John Roos?” Check out the translation of their interviews with ex-Vice President Walter Mondale and Stanford University Professor Emeritus Daniel Okimoto below. The U.S. government has nominated lawyer John Roos, 54, as the next ambassador to Japan, and his appointment will soon be… Keep Reading


Japan Fears Spread of Swine Flu as Cases Rise

  It seems like the Japanese Government once again treated a disease as a foreign problem. Was the GOJ a day late and a yen short or is it business as usual if you examine the mentality and the steps taken to educate and combat STDs and the HIV/AIDS virus in Japan? In any case,… Keep Reading


Changes to the Gaijin Card?

Check out the latest on the “Gaijin Card” from Metropolis. I remember refusing to provide my fingerprint for my identification card when I first moved to Osaka. Lot’s of drama back then. It was almost as bad when I went to register my Japanese name. All foreigners in Japan know him. The 62-year-old isn’t particularly… Keep Reading


Dr. Joseph Nye confirmed as next U.S. Ambassador to Japan

I previously posted about Harvard University professor and Japan expert Dr. Joseph Nye and now it seems that is finally confirmed as the next US Ambassador to Japan. The Mainichi Shimbun reports: “Harvard University Professor and former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Defense Joseph Nye has been confirmed as the next U.S. ambassador to Japan, a… Keep Reading

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