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Foreign CEOs make it big in Japan.

Known as Oyatoi Gaikokujin (hired foreigners), these outside adviser were well compensated for consulting on matters of engineering, architecture, medical and legal affairs. Breaking with Japanese business tradition Ghosn began to slash thousands of jobs and sold off assets, which made him not so popular in the public’s eye. Relatively low salaries offered by many companies in Japan. In addition, foreigners in Japan should not expect much in compensation when it comes to your educational background and experience. Keep Reading

Invisible Gaijin: 59 ways to tell if you’re a gaijin, not a gaikokujin

The Invisible Gaijin has a pretty interesting post for those not quite sure if they fall into the gaijin or gaikokujin category. Be sure to recommend a few others that can be added to the list. Here is a partial listing: You call yourself gaijin because you know it pisses off the newbie gaikokujin. You bow repeatedly… Keep Reading


Changes to the Gaijin Card?

Check out the latest on the “Gaijin Card” from Metropolis. I remember refusing to provide my fingerprint for my identification card when I first moved to Osaka. Lot’s of drama back then. It was almost as bad when I went to register my Japanese name. All foreigners in Japan know him. The 62-year-old isn’t particularly… Keep Reading


Japan as Seen by Foreigners

[display_podcast] Here is an interesting video that gives insight into life in Japan. I don’t know if I will have time to subtitle this since I will have surgery soon. Enjoy! Keep Reading


Is Gaijin a Racist Word or are N*ggers Over Reacting?

There has been much debate on the terms “gaijin” (foreign/outside person) and “nigger” lately in Japan among the foreign community. In a series of articles published in the Japan Times, professor, activist, and coauthor of the “Handbook for Newcomers, Migrants, and Immigrants, Arudou Debito comes out swinging. Here is his latest article: THE CASE FOR “GAIJIN”… Keep Reading

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