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A View of White People in Japan

Many expats in Japan have run into the “Oh no! Don’t look him/her (another expat) in the eye!” type of Westerner. I have on numerous occurs had conversations with Black Americans as to why this happens. Here is take on “F#cken White People!!!” in Japan. What do you think? Photo credit via The Pain Comics.   Keep Reading

Renting in Japan

Many unfamiliar with Japan may believe that the nation is full of things cute and cool. Although there are many things that I personally love about Japan, especially after almost 18-years residing and working in the country during my span of 33-years in various parts of Asia, there are a few things that bother me.… Keep Reading

Japan’s Denizen’s a.k.a. Gaijins are Us!

Did you know that “denizenship as a concept remains invisible within Japan’s public discourse, oblivious to how foreigners actually live in Japan. Categorically, people are either gaikokujin or nihonjin (Japanese). Rarely if ever are the former termed eijūsha, eijū shimin, imin or ijūsha (immigrants),” according to the Japan Times’ Just Because article,“Tweak the immigration debate… Keep Reading

Loco in Yokohama: Sh*t Apologist Say…

Another interesting and “calling-it-like-it-is” post from Baye McNeil a.k.a. Loco in Yokohama on “Shit Apologist Say About The Empty/Gaijin Seat + Some Intentionally Silly Stuff.” Are Loco and the YouTube presenters on point? http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=dnf16MhZcvs#! Summation: “Embrace the Gaijin Seat, Don’t get offended.” Loco’s commentary on the Inaka Blues YouTube video: “I bet this guy would… Keep Reading

U.S. Customs and Border Protection photo of methamphetamine hidden in candy.

Meth is nothing to snicker at!

Long Beach man was arrested on Friday as he attempted to board a flight from Los Angeles to Tokyo with 45 bars of chocolate-coated methamphetamine. Mauricio Harris, 34, was stopped by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers as he attempted to board Delta flight 283 from LAX to Tokyo. Keep Reading

Japan Begins New Registry Management System

The Government of Japan (GOJ) instituted a new Registry Management System on July 9, 2012. Under the new system, alien resident cards will be issued to long-term foreigners in Japan in a legal status. This may be a cause of concern for those living in Japan illegally, however, since the new system will essentially eliminate their… Keep Reading

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