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Nicola Furlong Case: 19-Year-Old Guilty of Murder in Japan

The family of Nicola Furlong feels justice has not been served after the 19-year-old American musician on trial in their daughter’s death was sentenced to 5-10 years with labor, less 120-days for time served in detention, for murder. This sentence is what the Prosecutor, Kenji Horikoshi, called for during the closing arguments of trial. Keep Reading

Nicola Furlong Investigation: The Accused Speaks and the Probable Verdicts

RUMORS, FOREIGN MEDIA AND UNDERGROUND NEWS In the Japan Times article (June 2012): “Rumors, lies fill void left by police in Furlong case: Starved of information, the Internet is telling the story of a young Irish woman’s death — but not always accurately by David McNeill,” the following was reported: “The Furlongs were upset by… Keep Reading

Nicola Furlong Trial: Where Does the Evidence Lead?

@IrishCentral reported: “The man accused of murdering Irish student Nicola Furlong told a friend the 21-year-old was “tripping” before her death, a court in Japan has heard.” According to The Irish Sun: Dancer Dmac Sandoz, who was staying in Room 1437 of the Keio Plaza Hotel, called the defendant’s room at approximately 3 a.m. and… Keep Reading

The Nicola Furlong Case: Fact, Fallacy, Phallusy, Opinions and Contradiction

The trial continues in Courtroom 416 of Tokyo’s District Court. It is now known that the defendant and Mr. Blackston were “caught on CCTV in a taxi laughing about having sex with an unconscious Nicola Furlong and her unnamed friend. THE CHARGES LEVIED AGAINST THE ACCUSED MINOR IN NICOLA FURLONG’S DEATH: “Charged that between 3am… Keep Reading

Furlong’s Friend Testifies: Does it Help or Hurt the Case?

Nicola Furlong’s best friend gave testimony about the events surrounding the tragic night Ms. Furlong died. Via the Irish Times: “Speaking via a video link, the witness said she had been friends with Ms Furlong since school and they were studying together at a university outside Tokyo at the time of her death.” It is… Keep Reading

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