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Earthquake Preparedness

Here is the latest information on disaster preparedness from the United States Embassy – Tokyo. “A major earthquake can hit the Tokyo Metropolitan area at any time.  With this in mind, we would like to remind everyone that emergency supplies should be readily available, frequently checked and maintained in good working condition.  We recommend that… Keep Reading


More on parental abductions in Japan

Here is more on the continuing coverage of parental child abductions in Japan. The post below has tidbits of Terry’s article posted at Japan Today. My previous posts on the issue. Terry Lloyd (Japan, Inc.) writes: “After the U.S. presidential election, the first foreign trip by new Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was to Japan.… Keep Reading


Japan urged to sign accord against parental abductions

  It seems like the US and a few other countries are FINALLY getting serious about making Japan take responsibility in “allowing” Japanese previously in international marriages to kidnap their kid(s). Check out my previous posts on parental abductions are posted here.  The United States and three other western nations Thursday urged Japan to sign… Keep Reading



Henry Seals has sent Black Tokyo a message from the Black Professionals in Tokyo message board: Hello Everyone, This is just a note to remind you about the show below.  It should definitely be a great evening.  So please come and join us on May 17th when M&U presents, Enuf’.  Come out enjoy good company; enjoy… Keep Reading


Does becoming bilingual also involve being bicultural?

Roger Pulvers follows up on his previous post about raising bilingual children. In his latest piece, his discusses the importance of culture in language learning. I agree with his take since I consistently  stress the need to understand and incorporate culture in language learning and language usage. Check out Pulvers two articles and please feel free to leave… Keep Reading


Good News for Japan's Young Families?

Many Japanese women who want to work after giving birth are stymied by a matrix of government rules and private-sector policies that block access to government child care. Has change really come to women in Japan? The Washington Post reports: “Rolling out Japan’s largest-ever economic stimulus plan, Prime Minister Taro Aso gave a much-needed gift last week… Keep Reading

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